by Jeqqe_ at 7:51 AM
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Hey everyone,

Since summer has been here for a while and most of us are on holidays, I've been thinking of starting another of these build competitions like we did last christmas. For people who doesn't know how this works: You will build a plot for the competition, I'll tell you the theme later on this thread but I think its pretty obvious what it will be. After you're done with your plot, you will post your plot number here. We do not need screenshots of the plot, just the IDs. If you manage to win, you will be rewarded free VIP for 1 month. Don't worry if you're donator already, you can always just build for fun. Good luck to everyone and I'll be leaving the needed info to following section.

Starting day: 4.7.2015
Ending day: 12.7.2015
Theme: Summer...
by The_Kadrek at 3:21 AM
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Hey everyone!!

So the reason for this thread, is that we are making some changes to the staff ranking system and hierarchy. First and most importantly, we are adding a rank that is essentially a helper rank, under the name of Trusted. So basically, this rank is going to have the basic commands, that almost fulfill what our current moderator rank did. This meaning that they will be mostly kicking, banning, and muting players when needed. This rank will be given a lot more freely compared to our current admission and application acceptance rate. Players that have tried in the past and have come a bit short, this is your chance! All that you need to do is fulfill the basic requirements that are already listed, fill out the application, and wait for our decision.
Here is where everyone can come in! So once an application is accepted, we will move it to a different sub-thread, and then we ask EVERYONE to comment on it, and tell us your thoughts on...
by BlueFusion12 at 9:32 PM
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Summer is here and with everyone out of school, what better is there to do than play Minecraft all day!

To celebrate the beginning of summer and another successful year for MegaCraft, we are hosting a sale for anyone interested in purchasing a donation package to help support the server. Your continued support has allowed us to continue maintaining and improving MegaCraft for almost three years now and we are very grateful!

From today until the end of June, all donation packages are 25% off!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this sale and helping to support MegaCraft in its future endeavors, feel free to visit: click on the "MegaCraft Shop" tab above.

In addition, we have added a new donation rank titled MEGA. The purpose of this rank is to provide anyone who wants to support the server beyond the current rank...
by Syanar at 1:05 AM
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Hello Everyone! I promised that I would give you all an update on my book after I reached another milestone. I have recently reached the 15,000 word mark, which is twice as much as I had on my last post! There isn't much more to say, so here is the next installment of my prologue! Hope you enjoy!

The night sky was, on any normal occasion, a beautiful sight to see from any point on the Great Mountain. Its enormous size, which was unchallenged by the plethora of lesser mountains surrounding the base of the peaceful giant, allowed for any stargazer to have an unhindered view of the millions of twinkling gems that took up their residence in the sky overhead. Tonight, however, the typical sight of the beautiful sea of celestial lights was shrouded by veil of ominous clouds. The uninvited guests covering the night sky brought with them cold and bitter wind that was enough to chill the bones of even the heartiest of the...​
by Syanar at 7:00 PM
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Hello Megacaft community! I am currently writing a book that tells the history of what will be the new Megacraft Survival server! I have decided that as I reach milestones in my book, I will post small passages from the prologue to give all Megacraft forum members a sneak peak at what I have been working on. Today I reached 7,500 words, which, according to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, classifies my book as a novelette instead of a short story! The next milestone, according to that organization's standards is 17,500 words, but I will make a secondary post before I get there (since that is more than twice the current length of my work). So, without further ado, I present you with the opening paragraph of my prologue! I hope you enjoy!


The night sky was, on any normal occasion, a beautiful sight to see from any point on the Great Mountain. Its enormous size,...​
by BlueFusion12 at 2:29 AM
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Hello MegaCrafters, today I have something quite awesome to share.

I recently stumbled across the open source program Chunky, a Minecraft render engine that allows for the creation of photo-realistic images of Minecraft worlds. I immediately saw an opportunity to bring something truly amazing to the MegaCreative server: a way to create amazing shaders-like quality images of builds with only a command!

Enter, the MegaCreative Render Engine.

This system allows players to take "screenshots" of their builds through the use of the /render command. This will take the player's position data and send it to a modified version of the Chunky engine that will process and export the images. However, this process is quite processor-intensive, so each image takes 6-15 minutes to render. Thus, I have created a queue system that will place your build in a queue to be rendered.

Here is an example of an image we created during testing (more...
by BlueFusion12 at 9:09 PM
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Update to 1.8 is complete!

Minecraft 1.8 was released over three months ago, yet it is still not on MegaCraft. Why you ask? Let me tell you in a brief a way as possible.

1. Bukkit had some legal issues preventing them from making a new 1.8 build.
2. It took Spigot about 2-3 months to get a build ready for 1.8 available.
3. The initial 1.8 Spigot build was very buggy, so after testing I decided to hold back in the 1.8 update.
4. Now that Spigot is ready to go, I'm having some more issues with PlotMe. Since I need to update to a newer dev build of WorldEdit in order for it to work properly with 1.8, I also need to update PlotMe to function with it. However PlotMe has changed significantly since I lasted worked with it, so it took me a while to apply all the changes I had previously made.
5. Once PlotMe was ready to go, lots of tests are still not working properly and PlotMe still does has some unresolved issues.

As of now, I'm...
by BlueFusion12 at 2:10 AM
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One of the favorite features that the old MegaCraft had was KitPvP. KitPvP is a balanced PvP game that gives players a set kit of items and armor. This was a great game for people to play when they were bored or wanted to test their PvP skills.

And now it's back!

Feel free to join the new KitPvP server via the MegaCraft Hub or by using /server kitpvp! Since this KitPvP is NEW, it also has a few new awesome features including...
  • Stat Tracking (kills, deaths, KD, server rank, skill rating, and more coming soon)
  • Automatic kit giving and auto respawning
  • Slight health regen after a kill
  • Player levels (earn levels by getting kills)
  • Random server targets that reward players for killing a certain player
However, much more is on the horizon for the MegaCraft KitPvP server, so stay tuned for some updates coming soon!...
by The_Kadrek at 10:18 PM
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Hello! This thread's purpose is to give you all a more clear understanding of what we are expecting in builds for different ranks. So before you submit your plot for artisan when it is really just a dirt shack, read some of the requirements that are listed below. Also, as a side note, the decision of your plot is almost entirely based around the reviewer's opinion/perspective. I know that this means the grading system is not 100% fair to everyone because different staff review different plots, however, I trust that most of the staff have a fairly good idea of what we are expecting for each rank.

  1. Play on the server for 5 hours minimum
  2. Register for an account on the forums via /register in game
  3. Post on the forum for Novices called "Novice Information"
  4. Once all of the above is...
by BlueFusion12 at 2:41 AM
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Hey guys, I'm back with plans for yet another MegaCreative build cinematic!

For those who have yet to see the first one, check it out here:

Recently, we have had a lot of awesome builders join and create some really awesome constructions. In attempt to showcase these new builders and show what MegaCreative has to offer, I am going to be working on another MegaCreative cinematic.

If you want to have your build showcased, post a reply with some pictures and a plot ID and I'll consider it!